Waiver Info

Why do we need a waiver?
All visitors, who are participating in any of the activities at the park must have a signed waiver that is valid on the day of the activity. If participants are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver.

Our responsibility to you is:
• To provide a safe place where you can have fun
• To inform you of the risks involved in using our park
• To help you minimise the risk of harm to yourself, any children you are responsible for and other participants

The Waiver is an important part to make sure that you:
• understand and agree to abide by our safety rules, which includes following any instructions from our staff
• have agreed to make sure that any children you are responsible for abide by our rules
• understand that you and any children you are responsible for use the park at your own risk

To save time at check-in, we recommend that you read and sign the Waiver online before you arrive.

Once you have completed and signed an online waiver you will receive an email confirmation. Our system keeps track of the waiver, so you do not need to bring a paper copy.

If any participant arrives without having a valid waiver, there is a waiver station available.